Study the impatcs of Climate Change on agriculture

EnviroChange Project 2009-2012

The project focuses on global change and sustainable management of agriculture in highly developed mountain environment. It aims at assessing the short-term biological, environmental and economic impact of climatic change on agriculture at the regional level (Trentino) particularly on quality and pest management that are more likely to be influenced by climate change also in the short term. 

Project Infos

Envirochange is a project sponsored by the Autonomous Province of Trento (PAT) which has as general objective to provide tools and information to understand vulnerability to climate change of the agriculture environment in Trentino and assess adaptation options suitable for Trentino as socio-economical conditions at regional scale. More info on the project: 

MPBA as IT for Climate Change

 MPBA is the technologial partner in the Envirochange project. Our goal is the development of the most suitable IT framework for the assessment of climate change impact at the regional scale on crop quality, plant protection and farm economy. Specifically the development of a combined innovative Environmental Modelling/GIS tool to provide science with an extremely versatile and powerful instrument to evaluate complex interactions and Trentino governmental agencies with the scientific basis for developing policy required to adapt to climate change.